Lachlan & I

Greetings Internets,In 2017 I had the privilege of playing the Dashville Skyline festival here in the Hunter Valley. Although I’d spent plenty of time on the farm in the years preceding, it was my first time on the Skyline Stage.  It’s owned and run by a couple of friends and acquaintances of mine – Johnston & Friends. Johnston & Friends have looked after me. Welcomed me into their loving circle and thrown more than a few opportunities my way for which I am ever thankful. Along the way I’ve returned serve with a couple of smaller favours here and there, after all, that’s what friends and acquaintances do. At this particular Skyline, a strapping young troubadour by name of Lachlan Bryan was billed with his band The Wildes. I quite liked the group’s 2015 album The Mountain. I had admired Lachlan’s pen. At the time I was neck deep in the writing of my own record, admiring and studying the craft of others I’d like to steal for my own. Here was someone that really thought about how words play with one another. Someone that cared about semantics. A songwriter with an awareness of making each word count. I spotted him backstage and figured I’d go say g’day. Congratulate him on a great set, this is after all how friends and acquaintances are met and made. It wasn’t the romantic encounter you might be imagining. If I’m entirely honest I’m not sure Lachlan would even remember. It can be a weird dynamic post gig. You’ve just divulged a big chunk of your guts to a crowd of strangers. When you finish a set you are both physically and emotionally exhausted yet energised at the same time. You teeter back and forth between weak and invincible.  It is a strange and vulnerable feeling.  Mostly you want to find a corner by yourself, allow the sweat to dry a little, maybe knock back a quick beer and just take a minute to get your shit together. The last thing you probably want is a half pissed, festival-going, unshowered, unknown wannabe singer-songwriter (aka me) up in your grill trying to be your new best friend. The poor guy looked at me fearfully, shook my hand and quickly scurried off. Friendship and acquaientancey will sometimes take a while to manifest. So fast forward to January 2019 on the floor of the Tamworth Hotel around a piano, somewhere in the early AMs of whatever day it was – who can tell in that carnival of heat stroke and delirium? One of our mutual guardian angels, Mother Hen, has proposed a joint tour – the elder statesman and the up and comer. Between Lach’s honky swoons on the ivories and my willin’ but barely capable chorus participation, we chatted briefly. Awkwardly. Unsure of each other we agreed purely based on the trust we both have in Mother Hen. I mean for me at this point if someone is willing to take care of the logistics of a tour on a shoestring budget you could bill me with Beezlebub himself. Booking gigs is the bane of my existence, but that my friends and acquaintances is a yarn for another newsletter. So here we are now, the beginning of May one show into the run. Fittingly we graced the boards, freshly repaired after Nathan Seeckts accident with Andrew Swift mind you, of the Kevin Bennet stage at none other than the Tamworth Hotel. Over a couple of fruity cocktails, the conversation was again brief, but it felt like we may have been starting to get somewhere. He did share my drummer, but Mat is quite liberal. He’ll play with any old outfit if he’s in the mood, so it could mean anything. I’m not sure we’re exclusively friends just yet. Definitely acquaintances. Definitely friendly, but not quite friends. I’ll confirm in a month.

May 17 2019 – Junk Bar / Brisbane w/ Lachlan Bryan TICKETS
May 18 2019 – Junk Bar / Brisbane w/ Lachlan Bryan TICKETS
May 23 2019 – Sly Fox / Sydney w/ Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes TICKETS 
May 24 2019 – Stag & Hunter w/ Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes TICKETS 
May 25 2019 – Paddock Sessions / Wollombi TICKETS 
May 26 2019 – Flow Bar / Old Bar w/ Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes TICKE 
May 30 2019 – Pistol Pete’s / Geelong w/ Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes TICKETS 
May 31 2019 – Caravan Music Club / Melbourne w/ Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes TICKETS 
June 1 2019 – Rezza House Concert / Melbourne w/ Lachlan Bryan
June 2 2019 – Billroy’s Grassroots Music Club / Bendigo w/ Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes + Freya Josephine Hollick + Georgia State Line + Kate Alexander & Hana Brenecki + The Good The Beard The Ugly + More TBA TICKETS 

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