Exhaudio FX Pedals

No Wonder The World Is Exhausted is out tomorrow, but here’s something to get you exhausted about the release. I worked again with my unbelievably kind-hearted and talented friend Brayden ‘Boots’ Porter and his equally talented sidekick Lachlan X Morris to come up with the cacophony that is the Rebel Alone film clip.


Rebel Alone opens the record and I wrote it about one of my favourite films, Cant Buy Me Love, it may or may not be one of the most important pieces of cinema ever made. It was Patrick McDreamy Dempsey’s arrival to the world and featured a childhood crush of mine, Amanda Peterson. Our high school music teacher would wheel the old TV and VCR in on its stand, stick in a tape and, well we don’t really know where he went for the rest of the period, but some of life’s most valuable lessons were learnt in front of that screen. And of those valuable lessons, Can’t Buy Me Love is up there.

‘Nerds, jocks. My side, your side. It’s all bullshit. It’s hard enough just trying to be yourself.’

The clip though, sheeeesh… We ended up making a spoof of a YouTube audio gear review channel. Those who know will get it, those who don’t will hopefully get a laugh out of me taking a fair amount of piss out of myself. Under severe time constraints, we shot this in about, oh say, 45 to 50 minutes. Brayden may have spent a few more hours in post-production though – gotta love a green screen.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Screen it, laugh at it, scoff at it, share it. Don’t forget, No Wonder The World Is Exhausted is out everywhere tomorrow. Tell your friends yo.



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