Fill A Bookshelf

Hello Internets,

Just a quick hooray to let you know that Wednesday 5th of September is Indigenous Literacy Day and I’d like to invite you to donate to help build my Virtual Book Shelf. I believe every child has the right to an education and fundamental life skills most of us take for granted, like reading and writing. Literacy opens up the opportunity to change one’s life.

September celebrates Indigenous Literacy and I’m raising money toward the The Indigenous Literacy Foundation’s Fill A Bookshelf campaign to help gift 30,000 new books to schools and service organisations in remote communities where books are scarce.

The ILF is a national book industry charity, which aims to reduce the disadvantage experienced by children in remote Indigenous communities across Australia, by lifting literacy levels and instilling a lifelong love of reading. ILF Ambassador and good mate Dub Leffler introduced me a few years ago and I have donated regularly ever since. Money raised will quite simply, buy new, culturally relevant books for some of the 250 remote communities that the ILF work in, who have few to none, to help create more equal access to literacy resources for remote communities. They do this through three core programs:

  • BOOK SUPPLY: Gift new culturally appropriate books to communities that need them. The ILF have supplied over 260,000 books to over 250 remote communities in it’s lifetime.
  • BOOK BUZZ: An early literacy program designed to encourage reading in children under five and inspire their families and carers to get involved. Some Book Buzz books are translated into first language.
  • COMMUNITY LITERACY PROJETCS: The ILF have published 80 books written by community, some in their first language, with the support from many of Australia’s renowned authors and illustrators.

If you’re feeling generous head over here > and show a little love. Donate as little or as much as you can and feel good about contributing toward making a massive difference in a child’s life.

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