Villains Video

Villains Crew

Here it is Internets, the old pelican’s acting debut has arrived. Clip for Villains is live. When I asked my friend Brayden ‘Boots’ Porter if he’d be interested in making a clip with absolutely zero budget, he shrieked with glee and said ‘Of course I will Ben, I absolutely love spending countless hours of my little precious time doing things for free.’ So we sat down and nutted out the idea, mostly Boots’, my initial pitch was a lot lighter than the end result. I can absolutely claim the yellow raincoats though. That was all me. Brayden was assisted by Josh Walkling and Lachlan X Morris and my Rain Coat Killers were Liz Obrien, Bethany Dolbel, Rosie Scanlon and Nathaniel Allwood. Once again I have learned the value of real friends, whom without, things like this would never happen. Thanks for having some fun with me. I love you all dearly X. Hope you enjoy people. PEACE!


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