Since first hearing Honest Life late in 2016 it’s been less than secret, my adoration for Courtney Marie Andrews’ song-writing. I’ve written about it, I’ve waxed lyrical to my friends. There are some voices where you struggle to believe a word spoken, then there are voices like Courtney’s where you can’t help but breakaway from the monotonous, mundane presence you currently reside to pay attention. There is a certain tone, a grit in her voice that heaves sincerity. The carefully constructed word play, turn of phrase and wit gifted in magnetic melody is, in my opinion at least, some of the best I’ve heard. Ever. In recent times, Courtney is easily my favourite songwriter and I have been eagerly waiting May Your Kindness Remain since hearing that first single a couple months ago. The whole song held me, but that 3 minute 20 mark…. Oh my f**king dear lord did it send a righteous wave of goose-bumps all over. The rest of the record doesn’t disappoint. Stunning song-writing wrapped in equally stunning production. If you do nothing else this weekend, allow yourself 45 minutes to sit down and listen to May Your Kindness Remain. Nope, no need to thank me. You’re very welcome.

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Pretty excited about this one. This pelican got his name on a list amongst some of the best in the country, some of who I am stoked to be able to call mates. See the story below taken from Tone Deaf.

As initially announced by The Industry Observer in January, Australia’s inaugural Americana Music Prize has now announced its fifteen-finalists.

The joint initiative between esteemed country musician Shane Nicholson, the Forbes Street Studios and Lost Highway Australia, the prize will take the form in an annual grant, set to support up and coming artists in the genre.

Selected finalists have been judged by a panel of experts within the industry, including Rod Yates (Editor, Rolling Stone), Jane Gazzo (Triple M) and Michael Taylor (Lost Highway/Universal). The winner will receive a $10, 000 prize pack, giving them the boost they need to kick off their already burgeoning careers.

The competition attracted an extremely high caliber of entrants – the final fifteen are some of the country’s finest

The Americana Music Prize of Australia – Top Fifteen Finalists

Andy Golledge – “1170″

Badgerhands – “Paper Throne”

Ben Leece – “Smoke Signals”

Dave Garnham – “Worst House In The Best Street”

Jess Dale – “Leaving Woman Blues (I Know, I Know,)”

Jordie Lane – “Black Diamond”

Karl S. Williams – “The Darkest Cloud”

Kelly Brouhaha – “As Long As There’s A Smile”

Larissa Tandy – “Harder Heavier”

Leanne Tennant – “Sorry”

Sam Buckingham – “Jolene”

Sian Evans – “Cold Feet”

Suicide Swans – “Horses”

Thomas Keating – “Begin Again”

Van Walker – ‘Wildgrass”