Any Excuse To Talk About The Replacements Really…

Leading up to Dashville Skyline a couple of the artists were asked to talk about some their favourite music in preparation for the big weekend. Naturally I wanted to talk about The Replacements.


‘Achin’ To Be’ by The Replacements

“Originally introduced via Paul Westerberg’s contributions to the Singles soundtrack in the early ’90s, “The ‘Mats” have always been at the forefront of my fascination and the yardstick to which I will forever measure every other rock and roll outfit. Everything typically wrong about The Replacements makes them resoundingly right. Amongst the wreckage of snotty shtick and alcohol-fuelled career suicide is a legacy of tumescently perfect songwriting, unashamedly influenced by Alex Chilton and Big Star. For mine, choosing a favourite ‘Mats song is what I would liken to choosing a favourite child, however in this instance ‘Achin’ To Be’ seems a perfect pick. Released on the Don’t Tell A Soul record of 1989, I believe it to be imperative to the wealth of incredible alternative country and power pop of the decade that followed. A melody so sticky your Teflon pan is rendered useless and words to be taught beside Keats in every high school English syllabus. ‘I saw one of your pictures, there was nothing that I could see. If no one’s on your canvas, then I’m achin to be.’ Just brilliant.”

Check out what the others had to say here.

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