Kind Words

Talented writer Laura Kebby recently wrote a couple of nice words about Hank 1 for Newcastle Live.

5 Newcastle Bands You Should Be Listening To Right Now – 16th May 2017

If I ever meet Ben Leece, I hope he forgives me for being late to the party. I stumbled across Ben’s music by chance, after possibly and hour of digging through the music archives which circulate across many platforms, hailing form our town. I was looking for something to ease me into the afternoon, and Ben’s alt-country sound took me by surprise. His music generates a sense of distance between the listener and their own personal chaos – a rare and true gift. After all, we listen to music to escape our own lives, and either enter someone else’s or have our own sense of self validated and understood. Ben’s debut solo EP Hank Volume 1 – will be released across all platforms on the 19th of May, before doing a small run of local shows in June at the Grand Junction in Maitland and The Stag and Hunter.

– Laura Kebly


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